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this is the story of the suburbs. yardley is 20 minutes north of philadelphia and a stone's skip from the prosperous trenton, nj. trenton makes the world takes, crack that is. we are best friends. we are the kids and we are the musicmakers. that is what we do and we work in between. making music rules everything around us and i can't really say why. maybe it is theraputic in a way. we have about as many bands as there are possibilities of lineups between us and then some. many come and go without a trace to anyone who wasn't there but are memorable and important just the same to us. others have been around years and play shows localy. few have toured along the east. almost all are recorded at one point or another for nostalgiac value. here is a glimpse into some of them. cd's are released by us under the moniker, crack nigga posse and are available upon request. please have a listen. talk to us and lets us know how you feel. DI circle Y.